Merrimack Valley Truck Services

What is Merrimack Valley Truck Services?

Merrimack Valley Truck Services is a truck service based in Tyngsboro, MA. It covers an area of 30 miles around Tyngsboro and offers exceptional services related to trucks to a wide customer base in the area. It was founded in 2004. Initially, we started off with just one truck and operated from Chelmsford, MA but as time passed, the success of our services warranted an expansion of business. Firstly, we relocated to Industrial Ave, Lowell, MA and later on, purchased our current facility Tyngsboro, MA.

Right now, the Merrimack Valley Truck Services consists of eight highly skilled and diligent workers, who work tirelessly to ensure that only the best truck services are provided to our customers. We have managed to establish a loyal and strong customer base over the years and wish to only further the quality of our work to satisfy our existing customer and attract new customers as well.

Services Offered by Merrimack Valley Truck Services

Truck Repair Services

Merrimack Valley Truck Services is trained to provide all kinds of repair and maintenance services on trucks. It is full service heavy duty truck repair shop which has a very prominent reputation in the market due to its professionalism. Our trained technicians are trained to provide repair in the following departments of truck service: transmissions, radiators, water pumps, starters, welding & fabrication, frame work, hydraulic hoses on site and OEM computer diagnosis. In addition to the wide range of maintenance facilities provided by Merrimack Valley Truck Services, we are also Cummins, Ford, Isuzu, Navistar specialists; our workers are familiar with these companies and can provide the best care in town for them.

Truck Maintenance Services

The services provided by Merrimack Valley Truck Services are not restricted to just repairs; we are also skilled in maintenance. We offer maintenance for the following systems: PM Services and DOT Inspections.

On top of the unlimited heavy duty truck services provided by this organization, Merrimack Valley Truck Services has become the Service Dealer for Alliant Power and also a Bosch Diesel Vehicle Diagnostic Center. The workshop contains dealer level software for the following brands as well: Navistar, Ford, Cummins, Isuzu, Allison, Wabco and Bendix.

We provide a number of other facilities related to truck services like hydraulic hose, hydraulic steel lines, hydraulic fittings, engine rebuild, transmission rebuild, body swap, chippers, flywheel grinding and air conditioning services.

Why Merrimack Valley Truck Services?

If you are still not convinced that Merrimack Valley Truck Services is the place to go whenever you have any truck trouble, we can offer some other highlights about our truck services that are bound to sway your mind. It is conveniently located, right off the highway. Our shop is fully equipped with the latest technology and we enjoy a very respectable reputation in the market and with our customers. Our stock room is always fully stocked so you would not have to visit multiple times just to get one part. Our staff is extremely skilled and meticulous. It is a one stop service, meaning you can get rid of all your truck troubles at one place, under one roof without having to move around for each small problem. Do visit us, we promise you, we will not disappoint!

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